Tales From The Kingdoms

Most beautiful birthday present


Been waiting for this one for months. I saw it at Christmas with all the other shiny, glittery, gifty ones in Waterstones, looking all beautiful and mysterious, and was planning to come back and look at it, at which point it immediately vanished, never to be seen in any Waterstones. There was always one copy apparently floating around all the shops but I couldn’t find it until Kieran magically tracked it down and voila, it’s so beautiful

The Amazon blurb:

Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty – stories you love, and that we all think we know . . .
. . . but what about the secrets hidden within them? Why would a prince fall in love with a woman in a coffin? Why would a queen try so hard to poison her step-daughter? And what is a fairy Godmother’s real motivation?
Turn the page, and discover these classic fairy stories, told the way they always should have been . . .


Cannot wait


(almost) end of third year

My third year of uni is almost done


I’ve got just one more essay to do before third year is over, so naturally instead of getting that done I’ve made a pile of all* my third year books, shocked moomin for scale:


*all except for Code of the Woosters which was claimed by the under-the-couch void, and by the time I’d mounted a rescue mission for it, it couldn’t be put on top because the pile, because as you can probably tell:


my jenga skills are not on point and the book mountain was on the point of crushing us all (shocked moomin included)

death by dissertation

There’s been radio silence on the blog front because it’s been DISSERTATION DEADLINES


It was getting a bit panicky when the deadline was due in a week and the only information my brain would voluntarily give me was the lyrics to ‘take on me’ BUUUT it’s finally done! The biggest thing I’ve ever written at uni, plus they get bound up all nicely like little books:


and I’m so tired but it’s done! and I can sleep


as you can probably tell by this post, my brain’s not making a whole lotta sense right now. But, if anybody’s trying to get something done this week, here:

It’s actually kinda helpful.

Code of the Woosters

As of today I’ve just finished The Code of the Woosters:


& I’m recommending it to everybody & anybody who reads this! I can’t remember the last time I properly laughed out loud at a book; probably something like Bridget Jones (or, even further back, Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging– judge all you want, I defy anybody to read that and not laugh) but this was one of those. It was on my course list and I’d vaguely heard good stuff about it, but seriously, if you’re stuck for something to read at the moment, read this. Bear in mind that you’ve got to kind of ease into the vernacular- it’s like a whole other language. Pretend you’ve got to blend in at the poshest event you’ve ever been to and that should work; maybe practice with a few jolly good sport old chap and what, what? in your head before you read and you should be good to go.
If you’ve read anything else on here you’ve probably picked up on a bit of Jane-Austen-obession-themes, and oh look, here I go again managing to bring her into it one of the things I love about Jane Austen is the way people talk in her novels (I do have a point, I promise). In their day it would have been normal, maybe some of it was even slang to them and they lamented it the same way people complain about slang now-a-days, but one part of the quintessential cosiness of reading a Jane Austen book is their language. It’s emotive of the whole Austen-reading-experience. This book The Code of the Woosters is like that, in that you should read it if you want to remember the things the English language can do. I remember reading something ages ago when Facebook was getting bigger and bigger, about what a shame the like button was, because it took all the different reactions and emotions and the words that would have expressed them and limited it to the word like. People were worried that language would become more and more simplified and we’d use less and less of those beautiful words. It’s kinda like:


But in this book, even restricted to the particular language of one time period, the language does remarkable things and makes you remember the way it can run rings around itself and somersault over the reader’s head.
One review of it by Marian Keyes said it was nice because ‘nothing bad ever happens in P.G. Wodehouse land. Or even if it does, it’s always sorted out by the end of the book. For as long as [you’re] immersed in a P. G. Wodehouse book, it’s possible to keep the real world at bay and live in a far, far nicer, funnier one where happy endings are the order of the day‘. So, even if you’re not interested in the language, if you can feel yourself simply getting weary with all the bad stuff you see on the news or scrolling through Facebook, read this book, where the worst  thing that can happen is he might have to ‘oscillate the bean’ when hungover. Translation: move your head when hungover.
Read and enjoy!


tv denial

I like the Vampire Diaries. There, I said it. If you’re not a fan, you can tut and feel superior, and you have my blessing to do so. I know full well how it can be judged. It has all the tropes belonging to angsty-supernatural fantasy stuff; the teenagers are played by adults, and therefore have perfect skin and hair, and everybody is so thin that they disappear if they turn sideways. Also, it’s pretty easy to keep up with who’s a supernatural character, since everybody who is not human is clearly identifiable as not human by their moody v-necked outfits, all of which stick to a strict black-to-grey colour scheme. Also, everybody seemingly has endless money without actually working, and the schools are these weird places where the bell is always ringing and the classes last about 2 seconds. BUT, it’s also fantastic and magic-y and awesome and I like it.
Anyways, if you are, like me, suffering from a Vampire-Diaries-shaped gap in your life, you might like to fill it with the fact that Kat Graham (Bonnie) is also a singer:

And she has been for a while, but I only just found out because I’m in denial about Vampy D being over and am looking for some more Bonnie since she was such an awesome character. As you can tell, Kat Graham’s a lot different from her character:

And I love how different her music sounds. It’s not the kind of stuff I usually listen to, but as I’ve said, I’m in such denial about the show being over that I’ve been listening to it on repeat and it’s now stuck in my head. I love the kind of old-school thing she’s got going on in the bottom vid, plus, as if she isn’t content with being an actress and singer, she’s also an awesome dancer. Anyways, it’s helping to do the job of a kind of Vampire-Diaries-patch until I find another awesome show!