school work 2

Found another school memory, a note from me to my mum- I must have been happy writing it, because I’d made a lot of effort to make sure every letter was a different colour, but on closer inspection it seems a tad…suspect:

Dear mum

All well and good so far.

I hope you have had a good day, we have!

Still good news from smaller me.

Me, Charlotte and Elana (new girl) have been locked in a classroom 6 times.


No explanation, no details on how the ‘new girl’ felt about it- little me must have just expected her to also enjoy this random imprisonment, because obviously that was just the way we rolled at pre-school.


School work

I found some old school things the other day, including a worksheet from a school trip I’d been on. Eight-year-old me had clearly been highly unimpressed with the trip, and the questionnaire went something like this:

“Did you give help to or offer help to anyone on the trip today?”


“Did anyone help or offer to help you?”

“Yes- lots of people”

“Because of this, will you be more willing to help people in future?”


“Why did you pick yes/no?”

Left blank. Because clearly eight-year-old me had been a little rebel.