I cannot understand how some people can not only arrive early for a 9:00am lecture, but also have a complete face of makeup, perfectly styled hair, and an outfit. With accessories. It’s amazing. Sure, I can (sort of) manage this myself, later on in the day, when I’ve had hours to make myself look less scary and enough tea to actually want to go outside, but not at 9:00am. If I do manage to make it outside at such an unhealthy time of day, it’s normally with a random assortment of clothes consisting of whatever was closest to the bed, a weird halo of frizz around my face from where I’ve tied my hair up in an emergency bun, and an early morning expression reminiscent of the goblins in (the fantastic) David Bowie’s Labyrinth. I shuffle in like something from The Walking Dead as the perfectly made-up people, who arrived (with breakfast) early enough to commandeer the front row, tap beautifully painted nails and pity the collapsed heaps of the other latecomers.

I was so impressed by their organisational skills that I promised myself I would aim for the same. As a result I end up with an odd half-mixture; either I can get the hair done and pick out acceptable clothes but end up with such a scary face that I probably didn’t need to bother, or I manage a bit of mascara & random concealers, and am instead left with an interesting electrocuted mane look going on with my hair. With the deceptively orange-ish light in my room, I also tend to accidentally go overboard on the concealer front, giving myself roughly the same kind of complexion as a Wotsit.

This is not going to be helped by the new book on my reading list:

If you can’t quite see how big this brick is, here it is next to a nice normal sized book.


I now have to ferry this behemouth round every week, giving an interesting hunchbacked effect on top of the crazy hair situation.

2 thoughts on “student life

  1. Haha, I found myself wondering the same thing every morning as a line of perfectly presented classmates walk into 8am lectures. Meanwhile, I probably slept through my alarm, most likely wearing the same clothes as yesterday and only just managed to make it on time! p.s emergency buns are my absolute go to- I dont even think I have any other styles in my ‘8am lecture’ repertoire!!!! 🙂

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