This whole adult colouring book thing has kind of taken off- I’ve heard that it’s  because it’s good for adults to take time away from boring adult stuff to exercise a more creative side, or maybe it’s good to do something a bit childish, or that maybe it’s just incredibly therapeutic. All these reasons aside I’m 20, a bit of a kid at heart, and trying desperately to avoid joining the real non-student world, and judge me as you will but I love it. It’s also good for people (like me) who can imagine a beautiful artsy/drawing idea, but when they try to put it on paper it comes out as a stickman. Anyway, it’s incredibly relaxing and oddly satisfying and a lot more fun than doing uni work, and I present to you the result of 3 essay’s worth of procrastination:


I also used shiny pens, because I wasn’t already being enough of a child:



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