Although my boyfriend does seem to be part cat, he also gets on incredibly well with my little jack russell Panda (I know, I named him when I was 5 alright?) who has lived with women his whole life and therefore loves having ‘man time’. Panda is a lot fatter then he used to be- exhibit A:

FullSizeRender 2

and because he lives with women, he is constantly subjected to horrors such as The Christmas Jumper (and accessories): here he is in antlers and hating all of us:


So he’s hugely relieved to have man time with my boyfriend, as you can tell by the look on both of their faces when I interrupted them:


His love for Kieran means I am now completely ignored- for instance, blanking me while he waits for the return of The Man from the shower:


I’ve been completely demoted. By my own dog.


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