I’d been at the gym today, and I’m kinda confused. Let me explain why. The gym I’m at now I prefer to the last one as although it’s further away, it’s got real normal-sized people doing actual normal gym stuff which I like, and for someone who can’t always find the motivation to go to the gym, it’s kind of reassuring. But.

There’s a certain bunch of students who, like mythical creatures, only appear at certain times- they come to the gym dressed head to toe in matching professional brand new sports equipment, they do a lap round the gym, have a look at what everyone else is doing, and then proceed to stand on/around the gym equipment without actually using them. I don’t understand this. The girls themselves are baffling enough. They come in with their immaculate outfits and long hair blow-dried loose– this in itself is a giveaway that they’re not going to do any exercise. If you have long hair you’ll know it has to be tied up in some sort of Emergency Bun: if you leave it down all swishy you get even more:


Whereas the immaculate people are all:


They sit around the machines, doing interesting half-stretches in their immaculate outfits, take an occasional selfie of themselves doing these interesting half-stretches, and then make a dramatic exit. The guys are just the same. They lean on the machines with ridiculously brand new shiny outfits and spend their time just sort of…flexing, yet are seriously offended if anyone tries to use the machines they’re leaning on. Having seen the herd of Immaculate People who file in and out, I just have to ask; why, why do they do this gym parade?! Is to make us normal people feel bad? I’m already nervous enough as it is going to the gym; what with my irrational fear (despite the fact that I’ve gone to this same gym for months now and they’ve never once done this) that one time they’ll move the machines around and I’ll try to use one thinking it’s a cross trainer and end up looking like an idiot. I go to the gym wearing big baggy t-shirts; and when they walk in like this:


It makes it even more obvious that I look like this:

Gym rant over!


Hope everyone had a good day!


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