Uni really messes with your sleeping patterns. It’s kind of the uni’s fault, they had to open next year’s module choice at about 1 in the morning, and since it’s first come first served everyone on my course was sitting in front of their respective laptops kinda like:


And by the time everyone was done with all the “did you get in?”, “what did you pick?”, “did it work for you?” and “is my screen meant to look like this?” it was about 3am. This is usually great; I love being nocturnal, so does Kieran most of the time, and since it’s uni and there are students everywhere it doesn’t seem weird for us to go for a walk/cook/play Mario Kart around this time of night. However, when Kieran’s not in so much of a nocturnal mood, it’s not so fun for him. Especially when it’s about 3am and he’s trying to sleep and I start to ask things like “if space is expanding, what is it expanding into?” and “how do we know we’re not on ‘The Truman Show’?” and “how do you know for sure you’re even alive?”. For some reason he’s not in the mood for such debates in the early hours of the morning.

Since he’s still at home right now there’s been no one to judge my weird vampire-bat sleeping patterns, which is not so good. I got to sleep at about 3 last night and had to be at uni for 10; I just about managed that, got back at about 11, sat down, and apparently sat still for a few minutes too long, as the next thing I knew it was 2:30 and I’d slept through most of the day.

You know that weird feeling when you take a too-long nap at a too-weird time? When you wake up and have no idea what’s going on, sort of:


And when you wander out of your room everything looks a bit different and you have no idea where anyone is and you stand there all:


And you get ridiculously irritated for no reason:


It’s not great for my appearance either; I will never understand how you can sleep all night and your hair will behave, but if you have a nap during the daytime it turns into this:


I’ve just realised how rambling this all is (my apologies to anyone reading this) but if anyone else is having trouble getting to sleep, give this a listen: As The World Falls Down, David Bowie. Hopefully I might get to sleep soon, so good night!

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