If anyone’s feeling like they didn’t accomplish much yesterday- after eventually scrounging the motivation to go the gym for a little bit, I promptly cancelled out any benefit it may have done me by rewarding myself with Pizza Hut. Plus I didn’t really think it through, and had to carry it home in my gym kit. All the way home people were a bit:


(I think my laziness then was only exceeded by the time I wanted to buy a packet of those tiny chocolate eggs as essay fuel and was genuinely irritated that I’d have to individually unwrap each one)

When I got back, the housemates (very obviously still irritated) were all going out together for the evening. This was pretty nice as I’d been creeping from room to room trying to avoid angry people and with the house to myself I could be more:


Even so, they were all going out and I was still feeling pretty grumpy myself; when they left me (and my pizza) waved them off kind of like:


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