One time I was on my way home from uni,  waiting for mum to pick me up from the train station, and there was a middle-aged couple standing next to me with the teeniest tiniest little terrier. He was clearly very excited and bouncing around and happened on one of these bouncings to bounce over to me. The couple trotted over after him to apologise- ‘We’re so sorry, he must have thought you were our daughter, she’s coming back from uni tonight and we’re waiting to pick her up, he hasn’t seen her in 4 months’. As they were speaking the daughter in question had arrived, at which point the teeny tiny little terrier wiggled away from us and launched himself at her.

I waited for my mum amidst all the happy squeaks of the terrier and the “AWWW”s of the daughter and was thinking affectionately of my little fat terrier, who’s no longer a puppy:


but is still the cutest thing ever:


He’s almost 14 now and kinda smelly but I can’t actually remember a time when he hasn’t been around. He hadn’t seen me in 4 months either- mum said she’d bring him along to pick me up, and so I was thinking he’d be bouncing around all excited to see me too, so when she pulled up in front of the train station I threw the car door open and stood with my arms open expectantly, waiting for the welcome to begin. Sat on the front seat was my fat little terrier. At the sound of the door opening he looked me up and down as though he could not be more unimpressed and pulled a face which just said: ‘Don’t even think about trying to move me out the front seat’.



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