Despite the fact that he’s clearly not that fussed about me, I’ m very excited to see my little terrier again, and kinda just had to share this video of him. To explain: his name is Panda, and he’s very odd in that he likes to submerge himself in blankets, like so:


That picture is one of the rare times when he’s kind enough to leave his head out- when I say submerge, I mean he not only covers himself like that picture; he somehow wraps himself up in several blankets and buries his head in too, so that he’s impossible to see, and then lies completely still like a little terrier trap, so that you have to test-prod a blanket to make sure he’s not in there. When I say you can’t see him- there have been so many mini-heart-attacks where I’ve gone to sit on an innocent-looking blanket on the couch and let out a little ‘SQUEEEE’ sound when it’s suddenly moved. To be fair, sometimes he’s polite enough to let you know he’s there and does a little ‘grrr’ when you go to sit down but most of the time he’s a little bugger about it and if you have accidentally sat on him (of course, I’ve never done that…*ahem*…) he looks incredibly offended, abandons you on the couch, and goes to hide himself under another layer of blankets. Which brings me to the video. He’d hid himself in blankets again, and I only knew he was in there because when I’d tried to sit there he’d politely farted to warn me of his presence. He likes to dig himself so deep in blankets that he can’t always get out straightaway, but he does not like it if you try to get him out of his blankets, and has “grrrr“d several times to remind me of this. Anyways, as I was trying to get a video of him to prove how unseeable he is when he hides, I managed to capture this as someone arrived at the door:


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