Do you ever have those days where you feel like you’re going crazy?

Not like this:


Or this:


But more sort of:


I had to go back home to my mum today which I have not been looking forward to. All the drive home I was in a foul mood and was sort of hoping the weather would be too; bad moods feel a lot more justified if it’s also stormy/dramatic but no, it had to be gloriously sunny, which just made my bad mood look a bit ridiculous:


It was the combination of seeing mum and anxiety brain which was making me all:


and on the way to a full scale meltdown. I, at almost 21 years of age, was this close to a 5yr old temper tantrum: why do I have to have a crazy-bully mum, it’s not fair… and so on. So I, at almost 21 years of age, like a mature and respectable adult, resolved said almost-tantrum by getting the biggest easter egg I could scavenge, putting on ‘Inside Out’, making a nest of defence on the sofa with my fat terrier and slightly less fat lab, and proceeding to demolish the egg.


If resolving your own tantrums isn’t being an adult then I don’t know what is.



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