I’m back at home for Easter now, but right before Kieran & I left uni to go home I was sort of wondering how everything would be with the housemates, because they’re all still sort of:


Which just makes me feel a bit:


Well. This is my favourite to-go tea-mug thing:

FullSizeRender 13

It’s beautiful and wonderful and about Friends which I love (who doesn’t) and a present from my friend and sort of a godsend. Now I could take tea WITH me when I left the house; which was sort of essential to keep me as a functioning human being in outside society and and stop me reverting back to pre-tea gremlin-like form. Kind of like how they have to keep taking Polyjuice potion in Harry Potter, I have to have little bits of tea during the day, or I would be revealed as the tea-depraved thing I really was.

Anyways, this is what happened when I left it alone, undefended, in the kitchen at the mercy of the housemates:



The most passive aggressive thing possible, breaking it and not offering to replace it. Everyone in the house had broken something at one time or another and replaced it out of politeness/common courtesy but no, someone had left the corpse of my tea mug out- a clear sign of war. As per usual when things are broken, I put it on the group Facebook chat (this chat is a passive-aggressive minefield itself) and waited furiously for the kitchen villain to reveal themselves. 5 minutes later, no one had replied but the message had been seen. I was so mad but being a passive-aggressive person myself, there was very little I could do apart from cantering around the kitchen and grumbling to myself under my breath (but not too loud, in case anyone was disturbed).

The first shots of the passive aggressive war had been fired and my tea mug had been killed in the crossfire.



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