Big day for me- at almost 21 years of age I have finally achieved what most children can do almost almost instantly, and I WHISTLED.  You know how some people can do things that others can’t, like some people can roll their tongues? Well, I couldn’t whistle. At all. At least, not at first.

After about 10 years of practice all I could do was produce a noise like a faraway train whistle, or a kettle about to boil- a quiet, creepy ‘woooooo’ type noise- that kind of spooked everybody in my whistling vicinity. Kieran’s been trying to teach me, mostly to stop my creepy-boiling-whistling ‘wooo’ noise, but also because I have to substitute other noises for whistling as well. For instance, when Kieran looks particularly fancy one day and I want to inform him of this; that would be a great moment for someone who could whistle to whip out a perfect wolf whistle. Instead I have to sort of bleat a ‘wooo WOOO!’ noise at him (which he’s kind enough to take as a compliment anyway). Plus, when you get songs stuck in your head and can’t remember what they are, it’s impossible to ask for help when the only bit you can remember is whistling- for instance, in this song:

there’s a catchy whistling bit:

which was the only part of the song I could remember and it was stuck in my head for weeks. After aggressively trying to hum the same tune in a ‘doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo doo,’ fashion, somebody eventually understood what I meant. But now that I can whistle, the world is full of possibilities.


I only managed to whistle once. And since then I haven’t even managed to produce the eerie train whistle sound. Nevertheless, there was one whistle, and it was magnificent, the kettle finally boiled and I whistled!



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