Today Kieran had a lot of uni work to do and was being very productive and spent all day working.

I coloured in a bulldog.

To be fair I was keeping him company, but I still felt a bit guilty. This was a chance for me to basically just splurge all the colours I had on this one, so behold the most colourful bulldog in the world:

FullSizeRender 3

Since for the bear I had only used various browns, golds and blues/purples:


And for the cow I used different reds, golds, oranges/yellows and browns:IMG_2763

And for the horse it was just black, silver, red, orange and gold:

FullSizeRender 4

For this one I just wanted to use as many colours as I could, as childish as it may seem:

Plus, another chance to use the shiny pens which I love (yay):

pretty chuffed with my day’s worth of procrastination.


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