It was Kieran’s uncle’s 5oth the other day, it was smart-cocktail-dress-kind of dress code, and I could. Not. Find. A. Dress. Anywhere. I’ve gone past Miss Selfridge and Topshop so many times and seen beautiful sparkly dresses which have made me go ‘oooh I wish I could wear something as fancy as that‘ and never had the occasion to do so, and now that I had, I couldn’t find anything. I wanted to find something pretty which would give me less chance of embarrassing myself, but there were several problems. Firstly, I had no idea what a cocktail dress was. When you type it into google, this is what comes up:


Not helpful, since all of them look completely different. Plus, they’re described as prom-like, which I wouldn’t know, never having had a prom…


Basically, I left it til the last day and bought from the boohoo website which is very cheap and always has great stuff. I bought this (Tamsin off the shoulder skater dress):


I love the berry colour of this which goes nicely with blonde hair like mine and I liked that it was more classy (but not too boring/grannyish) and still pretty, with the off the shoulder design and skater skirt. This is how it looked on the model on the website:


…not sure if it looked exactly like that on me, but I still felt pretty in it, so all good!

I wore these shoes:

FullSizeRender 3

Which are a smaller heel but are definitely safer for me, since if I wear higher heels I end up doing the dinosaur stomp instead of walking, kind of like:



Plus, they were pretty heavy-duty since on the way there I stepped in a metal grating on the floor and got my heel stuck (typical) and they survived it, and held up for dancing.

And then this for a necklace:

FullSizeRender 4

Because the pearl colour goes so nicely with that kind of berry dress. All in all, I felt kinda:


Which meant that I didn’t care when social-awkwardness-nightmares happened. Such as, getting trapped in the whirlpool horror of greeting everyone and the whole is-it-a-one-kiss-or-two-kiss-or-hugs-or-both dilemma. Even though I failed completely at that and went for one kiss whilst they went for two, so that when I leaned back they followed on like:


Meaning they laughed in my face before walking off. Oh well. At least I looked pretty.


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