Right as we’re about to get into May and springtime and flowers and sunshine, I get a cold. I tried doing my normal routine whenever I feel a cold coming on of consuming nothing but orange juice and trying to will it to go away (which does actually work sometimes), but no use. It’s not even one of those colds where your nose is all:


and instead is more headaches and aching limbs and more just bleurgh; and since I’m not one of those people who can suffer in silence when I have a cold, like so:


I am determined to infect everybody in my vicinity so that I don’t suffer alone.


In the meantime, Kieran is having to look after the duvet-clad creature that is his girlfriend. He can hear the weird, complaining, hunched-blanket-creature from miles off, its ominous approach heralded by a: ‘sniff, sniffbleurgh‘ sound complete with the ‘shuffle shuffle’ of its duvet-cape dragging on the floor. Very reminiscent of E.T. in his blanket:


That film was my biggest fear as a kid… and still kinda is now. Anyways, Kieran has learnt to throw chocolate at this creature to appease it.

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