Kieran had sat his girlfriend on the sofa because she was feeling ‘like she was coming down with something’. He left the room for five minutes to make her a cup of tea. While he was gone, his girlfriend mysteriously vanished to be replaced by The Cold Creature.

He felt the difference immediately, the temperature dropping as he returned with the tea. The lights had been turned out, the blinds closed. Hidden on the sofa in the darkness, huddled under a pile of blankets, something was lurking. He could hear a faint ‘wheeze, wheeze‘ as he slowly followed a trail of scrumpled tissues to the hunched pile of duvets that had been his girlfriend.

‘…Are you alright?’

Wheeze, wheeze

‘I’ve brought you your tea…’

Wheeze, whe-‘…  He’d caught the creature’s attention. The blankets parted slowly and an inquisitive claw reached out. ‘Give it!’

He didn’t really want to approach the unseen-duvet-thing, so he gingerly put it down near the claw, which was waving impatiently, and backed quickly away. The claw snatched the mug and retreated back under the duvet where a ‘wheeze, slurp’ followed by an appreciative grunt could soon be heard. ‘Thank you’. The creature was momentarily appeased.

The day was darkening outside; storm clouds rumbling. The cold was getting worse. It took hold on the creature and the coughs and sneezes began, a ‘rumble, BLEURGH’  now accompanying the wheezing. The blankets soon began to flail again, the unseen Cold Creature becoming agitated, and Kieran was keen not to antagonise it any further. ‘Can I get you anything?’ The blankets stopped flapping around, The Cold Creature mulling this question over.

Wheeze, wheeze, rumble BLEURGH’

More tissues, please

Kieran hopped over the mountain of tissues that had been hurled out from under the duvet throughout the day and ran off down the hall. It was nighttime by now, and Kieran was relieved to think the cold may wear off soon, and the creature might give his girlfriend back. He boiled the kettle, idly thinking what a creepy night it was, the rain lashing the windows and the trees swaying heavily outside. At that exact moment he suddenly thought he could hear a faint ‘shuffle shuffle’ noise, as if something was emerging out of the darkness. It couldn’t be his girlfriend The Cold Creature, as he’d just left it grumpily wheezing on the sofa. Yet he could definitely hear a something coming closer.Unbeknownst to him, the creature had just decided it was hungry again. It had slithered off the sofa and, wearing its duvet as a cape, shuffled down the corridor. In the kitchen Kieran flicked the kettle off to listen further. There was a definite ‘shuffle, shuffle, rumble’ coming down the corridor. He froze. It had appeared behind him. A shapeless mass of duvet stood in the doorway, an ominous ‘wheeeeeeze’ building in its chest; a mass of tangled hair poked out the top of the blanket pile, a pair of eyes gleaming underneath, and just as Kieran turned to face it it let out a great SHRIEK of a sneeze, an ‘AIIIIII-CHUUUUUU’ which sent its blanket disguise flying; The Cold Creature was suddenly exposed, and Kieran’s girlfriend was revealed underneath.


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