Being a student, and therefore having no money, means I should really only be buying stuff I need. But. I went to a Molly’s Den recently which does all this amazingly beautiful vintage/retro/and just generally shiny stuff, and I was just stood there, thinking ‘I need to buy petrol to get back to uni and with whatever’s left I need to buy food…but I need everything here‘. It’s laid out as kind of a warehouse/maze and to Kieran’s alarm I immediately disappeared into the midst of it. If you ever went shopping with your mum when you were younger you’ll definitely have heard the ‘don’t buy it just for the sake of buying it‘ lecture. Well, this place. This place. Takes it to a whole new level. The first time I went, my personal preference was the randomly specific niche of lantern-like candle holders, things like so:

Other people probably buy these things for the decorative side of it- I like that too, but I’m worried I’m buying it more on the off-chance that next time there’s a power cut I can wander round the house with it doing my best creepy old person impression, complete with a quavery ‘who’s there?’ to match the quintessential old-crone-gate-warden-character thing in movies:

Anyways, Kieran lost me immediately in Molly’s Den, and could only track me by the jangle jangle of all the various candle-lanterns strung along each of my arms and the triumphant cackle every time I spotted another. I did eventually settle on one (Kieran talked me down from three) and would have put a picture, except we somehow managed to explode it a couple weeks ago. Seriously. No idea what happened, it just randomly blew up. So, this time round, I was on the hunt for something else pretty and frivolous and not at all what my student loan was intended for. The shopping-lust-haze descended and I spent a good 1o minutes trying to convince myself that what I was considering buying was indeed a good, practical purchase, until I snapped out of it and realised that what I was looking at was in fact a neon green armchair with fluorescent pink owls stamped across it. Bit of a shock. But, I did find this beautiful lampshade, which I actually did kinda need and which does look nice in my room, behold:

What do you think? Plus, pretty proud of myself for only buying one thing (and Kieran for talking me out of buying the rest)


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