It’s ma 21st birthday next week (woo!) and I was particularly lucky in that my mum got me some great new bits of makeup today. I have kind of a love/hating relationship with makeup (loving and fearing it in equal measure) since I think it all looks great, and I love it on other people, I just have no idea how to get it all looking like that on my face. Plus I get a bit scared when I go into places like Debenhams where they’ve got all the different makeup counters; if you just go over to check the price of something the assistants aggressively corner you and it’s all laid out like a maze with really bright overhead lighting to confuse you and you don’t know which way to run. Kinda:






And, if you can’t outrun them and can’t afford the stuff you were window shopping for, you’re then stuck in the socially awkward loop where they’re putting £££ worth of makeup on your face and telling you all about it and you’ve got to sit there pretending like you might buy it when they’re done.




I don’t know what’s worse; if they corner you like that, or if they give you the look as soon as you walk in of ‘who are you kidding, student, I know you had cereal for dinner last night and can’t afford this…’.


I think the one time I actually got up the courage to ask about a makeup tutorial, the only woman there was some sort of guardian-of-the-makeup-counter dragon-lady, who judged my lack of knowledge like:


and scared me enough that I didn’t come back for a while. But with a parent, it’s a whole other story. No one can corner you when you’ve got the parent buffer, and the scarier ones are appeased to know you’re with someone who has both money and the healthy look of having had a vegetable in the past week. So, without further ado, my wonderful makeup haul:FullSizeRender.jpg

I’ve been getting the No7 ‘Stay Perfect Superlight Foundation’ from Boots which is actually really good- I got colour-matched and found a great shade for me, it’s light and not too cakey, and has great coverage, but sometimes it’s nice to get a pricier one that lasts longer and so I was looking for a new foundation. I have very pale skin (I never tan, in the summer I go straight from pale to lobster-burnt and back again) which can sometimes get a bit dry with heavier foundations so I wanted to find something to match my skin tone that was lighter and natural-looking but still covers up blemishes. I love the bareMinerals stuff- (can’t always afford it) but it’s great value for money. I’ve only tried the powder foundation before; the lady on the counter sensed my makeup-fear and was incredibly friendly- when she started off about ‘contouring’ and ‘blending’ and saw the blank terror on my face she simplified things and found me this:

FullSizeRender 10.jpg

She tried tinted moisturiser first but I definitely prefer this; it’s hydrating and incredibly light but still natural looking. I normally choose Benefit for everything because I love all their stuff but personally I find their foundation too orange, and this bareMinerals foundation was perfect. Plus, because it’s so moisturising etc etc, it doesn’t always need a primer, and from this huge bottle, you only need 2/3 drops for your face. I quite like the idea of needing just this and eye-concealer stuff and nothing else.

Almost everybody has something that they’re insecure about and for me it’s under eye bags, so the makeup-magician-woman also found me this:


I normally use about 5 different things trying to get rid of my racoon-under-eye-bags, but this serum concealer is great and seems to do the job on its own. I have about 3 old moulting makeup brushes so I also got these beautiful things:

FullSizeRender 15.jpg

The one on the left being for the under-eye concealer (and sooo soft) and the one on the right being for the foundation. You can’t really see in the picture but the foundation brush has a weird little dip in the middle to drop the foundation on and to help blend it in. Aaaand because I couldn’t leave without something from Benefit this is my all-time-favourite, the erase paste:

which does look a little orange at first:

FullSizeRender 6.jpg

but it also works for blemishes as the orange-ness is really good at neutralising the purple colour in under-eye-bags. Last but not least, this gorgeous lip balm:

Which is a great hydrating lip balm with a nice summer-y hint of colour without being as full-on as lipstick. And, because it was such a great haul (and also probably because we wouldn’t leave) they gave us some great samples too:

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

woo for makeup!



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