This is Cashew:


and he is just one of the amazing presents Kieran got me for my birthday. Kieran knows my slightly ridiculous history with Build-a-bear, which I used to take very seriously as a kid, to the point where I over-stuffed my horse-bear-thing (by the name of Bobby) until one of his arms stuck out at a crazy angle and he couldn’t fit into any of the clothes I’d spent ages picking out for him. That’s right, I dressed him; not only that, but he had a passport which I solemnly presented at every airport he went to with me. Getting him into his clothes was a little like:


Anyways, Kieran knows of my irrational anger towards Build-a-bear, because they used to do proper fat bears, with padding and squeezable-ness and fatness, and now all the bears are teeny-tiny-skinny things with creepy bug eyes (unrealistic body goals for bears). So he got me Cashew instead, who, being a Beanie Baby, is full of proper fat beans and chubby stomach and huggable-ness.

Just on another note entirely, does anyone remember this hilarious picture of a beanie-baby-obsessed couple getting divorced and genuinely having to sit down with their lawyers in front of a judge to divide them up:


Moooving on… Cashew immediately came on adventures with us, starting with this little buffet-style restaurant called The Bakery in Plymouth, which is amazing. It’s in Royal William’s Yard, which is a beautiful place, kind of restored/converted Navy buildings. The Bakery is a definite must-see, not just because of the size of the pastries, I mean seriously:


(knife for comparison) and is a definite  gold-star[1]gold-star[1]gold-star[1]gold-star[1]gold-star[1] review from me.

From there, we went to the Eden project, which I also love; if you’ve never been there you should definitely go, it’s incredible. Being May, the rainforest biome was boiling- in the style of one of those kids books, ‘the adventures of so-and-so’, here is Cashew at the waterfall:


I love the Eden Project. It kind of deserves a whole post of its own, so in this one let me just say that some of the flowers are so Dr. Seuss-ish:

I made Kieran go on the zip-line, my birthday powers meaning I got out of it this time, although having seen how much fun it looks and how much Kieran’s eyes were bugging afterwards I’m gonna have to do it next time we visit. After stuffing ourselves with cake and pizza we went to the Plymouth Hoe (not how it sounds, who would do that to an innocent young bear) and here’s Cashew:


If you’ve ever seen that photo of the Beatles at Plymouth, where they posed for photographers while making ‘The Magical Mystery Tour’ film: stream_img.jpg

you’ll know that’s where they sat, and recently they’ve done the awesome thing of adding some artwork (courtesy of Thrussell & Thrussell) to commemorate this:

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Me and Kieran went to see the Fab Beatles, a Beatles tribute band, while they were in Plymouth; and apparently it was their butts used to make this mould. Enter Kieran:

and Cashew:

which is so much better than this:


which just always makes me think of this picture:



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