3 essays due in about a week and I have nothing in my brain. I went to the library with Kieran today, and spent the day sitting next to him tapping industriously away on his laptop, all:



Whilst my day went kinda:

12:oopm: Stare at laptop

12:10pm: Stare at wall

12:22pm: Poke Kieran to show him something funny I saw on the internet

12:25pm: Poke Kieran to show him another funny picture

12:28pm: Poke him extra hard because this one really is funny

12:29pm: Sulk about not being able to show Kieran pictures anymore because he’s moved his chair and is “working”

1:30pm: Give myself a break from the stress of doing nothing and go get lunch

1:44pm: Get lost on the way back and interrupt other people’s study instead

1:50pm: Realise how little time I actually have to do the work, panic and stare even more intensely at laptop

1:50pm-2:20pm: panic

2:40pm: Don’t really like English anymore

3:00pm: I just won’t give them my essay. They’ve had plenty of essays from me, they can go without another, why should they get it anyway?

3:20pm: Start having a mini-meltdown at Kieran because ‘I can’t do this essay, I can’t do English, and I can’t do words anymore

3:25pm: Kieran frantically tries to calm me down, shooting nervous sideways glances at the people in library who are staring at the blubbering wreck he’s sat next to

3:26pm: meltdown averted, still can’t figure out what this question means, what do you write about contradictions

3:28pm: Convince myself ‘contradiction’ isn’t a word

3:29pm: Wonder if I can stretch my legs all the way under the table and rest them on the opposite chair

3:30pm: Accidentally kick the stranger opposite

3:31pm: Have now irritated everybody in my immediate vicinity, and quite a few others as well

3:50pm: Wonder if I can make a fringe work

3:52pm: Google fringes



4:15:pm: I CAN do this essay!

4:15pm-8pm: Get actual work done, bother nobody, everybody in library sighs with relief.

Kieran’s day:

12:00pm-8pm: Listen to ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’ on repeat




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