There’s many different ways of feeling anxious; either the type where you feel like you’re drowning and being smothered at the same time but with no idea why or by what, or feeling breathless in a panic attack, or being scared all the time and not knowing why, or not being able to tell if your fears are rational or a result of your anxiety. There’s fixating on one tiny thing that isn’t an issue at all and proceeding to pick it apart for the next few hours, there’s asking the same question over and over to get clarification for your own anxiousness, there’s not being able to solve one problem so worrying about something else instead, and there’s worrying about the fact that you’ve got nothing to worry about because you’re worrying that it’s never happened before and you’re worrying you’ve forgotten something. There’s many more ways of feeling anxious.

Sometimes though, it feels more like an anti-pep talk, like the opposite of psyching up, the opposite of all those pep talks they have in American football and other sports, so instead of feeling like this:


I thought it would be easier to draw how it feels, so I went ahead and drew my own explanation of how I thought it felt more like this:

FullSizeRender 3


FullSizeRender 4


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