Kieran sassed me one too many times today, and his agreed upon forfeit was to let me put mascara on him, because, think me weird all you want, but I’ve always been fascinated with his incredibly, lusciously long eyelashes, and have been weirdly curious to see just how POW they got with mascara. So, here is Kieran, modelling a couple layers of “they’re real!” mascara from Benefit,  which just so happens to be my favourite brand. Behold:


What strikes me, more than how incredibly long his eyelashes were, is why and how his (beautiful) eyes come out somewhat crossed in the pictures: 

 As if his fear of having this weird, sticky black stuff painted on his eyelashes is coming through in the pictures:

He also experienced the fear when you wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and realise you really should have taken your makeup off the night before.

He was not happy.

Just to reiterate how fabulous he looked, here he is batting those long eyelashes in true Disney-princess form:

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