Daily Prompt: Profound

I think a profound moment, where someone gives you a piece of genuine advice, or you experience a moment of great magnitude, is one of those moments in life which resonates in your head as a moment where everything just seems still. For an English Literature student who literally studies words, I seem to spend a lot of time saying “I’m not quite sure how to describe it…” and I was about to write that again, but I think I’ve got an idea in mind of how to describe this. If life in general is just a big flurry of happenings, and the whole of your life’s memories being pictured as one big vivid flood of random details and pictures with no order as to what’s forgotten and what’s not, so that you don’t remember a whole day exactly as it happened: “I was five, that was the day I had this for breakfast and went to the swings with Julia, and then we did this and that…”instead you remember flashes; “Julia wore that bright red jumper, we hung upside down on the swings, she made me laugh…”. So if life is that big flurry, a profound moment is one you remember in its entirety, as a separate event in your life, a single still moment that affected you so, well, profoundly, that it’s put apart from the rest of the flurry. If life, not to use the cliche, but if life is a fast-flowing river, consisting of memory and happenings, a profound moment is a still river pond, where the river slows before it empties out into this silent pond, and stills. A profound moment is this still moonlit pond, set apart from the rush, where the river ripples silently across the length of this profound moment and all is still in your head when you think back to it, until the moment is passed, and it picks up again on the other side, rushing onwards through more happenings and more flashings, to the next profound moment.

Just to ruin highlight the profundity of this post, I’m going to finish and go play Angry Birds.


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