Daily prompt: stubborn

There are about a million incidents that come to mind along with the word “stubborn” (Kieran insists that I’m more stubborn than him…he’s wrong) but at the moment, the most stubborn thing I can think of is this little dollop:  

Otherwise known as Panda. He’s been around for as long as I can remember and is the cleverest dog I know (though obviously I’m biased). Being both clever and a terrier, he’s smart enough to understand whatever is asked of him, and stubborn enough that he takes it entirely upon himself to decide whether or not he’ll do it. His one mission in life is to get his furry butt on the most comfortable seat available, whether or not it’s already taken. Actually, especially if it’s already taken; he considers this a challenge and will wriggle his way between you and whatever you’re sat on, like so:


He’s surprisingly heavy for such a tiny smidge of a dog. Anyways, in his mind the most comfy thing will always be the bed, and whenever you’re about to head upstairs his 6th sense for bedtime kicks in and he glues himself to your heels. The thing with fussy little panda is that he considers himself a little lordling; he can’t just jump up, he has to be invited. And not just any invitation, you can’t simply peel back the duvet and pat the mattress, no; he has to really feel that he’s wanted there before he deigns to jump up. He has to feel you’re working for his attention; no simple “come on, Panda” would suffice for his lordship. And that’s fine for when he’s all clean and fluffy. But there are some evenings when he’s rolled in something, even after he’s washed he’s still a bit stinky, and combined with the fact that his favourite game is “roll the human out of their spot”, you might prefer him to sleep in his (equally if not more comfortable) bed on the floor.

He does not find this acceptable.

Should such an unthinkable thing occur, he will not give in. Ever. He will sit by the bed and stare at you. All night.

You might think this is easy to ignore.

Think again.

Even if you closed your eyes, you could feel his offended, judging glare burning through the back of your eyelids. He shuffles closer, and closer, so that if you open your eyes you’ll be greeted with:

This dog is the definition of stubborn. Those eyes will be waiting, unblinking, until your will finally crumbles and you let the smelly pup up.

Just imagine: you’re trying to get to sleep, and:




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