*!no spoilers!* I promise. I haven’t even read it yet, so I couldn’t even if I wanted to, which I don’t, because book spoiling is just


Anyways. I have been tormenting myself with this book for ages because, being a die-hard hardcore HP fan, like a child who doesn’t want someone else to play with its toys because they might “ruin it” I’ve been ridiculously reluctant to read anything Harry Potter related that’s not solely and purely by JK Rowling, whilst being simultaneously unable to bear the idea of not reading this Potter story and being excluded from it. It’s just that, like most people I’m guessing, Harry Potter was such an integral part of my childhood; I grew up with the books, and was completely absorbed into the wizarding world; I watched the films, saw the last ones at the cinema, and was both delighted at having more Harry Potter things coming out after all the books had been released and highly indignant about all the glaring mistakes- where was the house-elves battle scene? where was Peeves?! Mrs. Weasley so did NOT look scared before kicking Bellatrix’s ass. I was jubilantly happy at the perfectness that was Maggie Smith as McGonagall and Alan Rickman as Snape:

McGonagall and Snape.jpg

And I still feel bitter every time I see this outrage:


and I was unashamedly almost sobbing with happiness when Pottermore came out, sobbing with betrayal when they changed it, and basically broke down completely at this:


Basically, JK Rowling, in the fashion of Tolkien and R.R. Martin, had created one of those worlds that has such depth to it that it defines a generation. And, lets be honest, JK knows it; so whilst some people point out, fairly enough, that the whole script-of-a-play format makes for a difficult read, she knows full well that Harry Potter fans are still experiencing such huge withdrawal symptoms for any new HP hit that she could write a whole book in ancient Greek about Harry yelling through the bathroom door for Ginny to magic him some more loo roll, and we would still be clamouring to read it.

But it was the idea of someone else getting their hands on a fantasy world I loved so much and changing it that was putting me off. Although I know JK was heavily involved in it, I’m still practically cat-hissing at someone else trying to write it too. Basically, the only way I can read this is if I just pretend it’s fan-fiction and that JK can at any moment back out and say “nope, that’s not what happened, let me write an 8th book about what actually went down”. Whilst I acknowledge that Jack Thorne must be a pretty awesome writer and talented and blah blah blah, as you can probably tell, I’m still bitter that it’s not a new JK-HP book. I’m just going to have to read it.

Because, when it comes to HP love, it just lasts:

















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