There is a cafe in Winchester called ‘Chococo’, which as you can probably tell, does everything chocolate. I am a fully fledged chocolate addict and eat so much of the stuff that I’m probably half human, half chocolate bar myself- I had a mini panic in there, when there was so much chocolate stuff I couldn’t decide what was affordable on a student budget to gorge on first. I opted for “ice cream cookie sandwich”. The guy behind the desk had to double check that I wanted chocolate chip ice cream as well as all the other choc, but pfft, I’m not a rookie and this isn’t my first chocolate gorge, so on it went. Behold:


Just to confirm how much chocolate is in this picture: on the left we have a mini dark chocolate and mint thing, which lets be honest is just a mouthful, on the right we have two dollops of chocolate chip ice cream squidged in between chocolate chip cookies, at the back we have (of course) tea in an adorable diddly teapot, and just in case there wasn’t enough chocolate in a double chocolate chip cookie sandwich, in the middle we have hot chocolate sauce in the widdly heart shaped bowl to pour over everything.

Might be my new favourite place.

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