Just bought my first ever haul of stuff from MAC


and safe to say I am CONVERTED.  I’ve never been in MAC before- not entirely sure why; probably because of the sheer size of it compared to all the other makeup stands, the fact that it’s always packed with people with flawless makeup, or just the variety- I have a weird fear of the lipstick stand alone; SO. MANY. COLOURS. Plus, MAC have really got the hang of using makeup terminology to confound us lesser, makeup-challenged mortals. Seriously. Yesterday I went in for just one product and ended up having a 10 minute discussion about their newest range (I need to go in with blinkers on) of lipsticks, which they’ve developed with the help of Maureen Seaberg, a woman who’s a “tetrachromat”, meaning she can see 100 times more colours than the average human (the sales lady compared her to a mantis shrimp), and who’s been helping them to create the purest colours they can. My mind was boggled.


Anyways, behold:


I am seriously converted. I’m used to buying makeup that I love in the shop that turns out to have a couple problems, or is just good but not great, so that it’s pretty good but I’m not 100% happy with it. Kinda like with the Bare Minerals foundation:

FullSizeRender 10

Which I still do love and would recommend, but which isn’t quite right for my skin type. My skin can be quite dry, and this foundation doesn’t settle properly, plus it doesn’t interact well with other makeup; I have a little pot of erase paste from Benefit:

Which I love as the orangey colour does a brilliant job of counteracting the blue tones in the thinner skin under my eyes, and I’m always kind of insecure about how racoon-ish my eye circles are. Anyways, if the Bare Minerals foundation even catches a glimpse of this erase paste it balls up in defence and becomes impossible to put on. This MAC stuff however has been perfect, which is kinda what I asked for- I know next to nothing about makeup, and when one of the makeup store goddesses came over to me I just blurted out “foundation” and she took pity on me. “What kind of foundation?” Not a clue. I went with: “everyone in this store looks flawless, and I want to be flawless too”. She gave me “Studio Fix Fluid”, which is like Photoshop in a bottle. Seriously. I feel flawless


Another thing I love about this stuff: you get home, put it on the next day, and it still looks good. I don’t know about anyone else but sometimes they’ll try some makeup on me in the shop and it’s all wow, amazing, and then when I get out from under that alien lighting and go outside  to the real world with natural daylight, I realise I look more:


But I can vouch for this stuff, it really is amazing; plus I’ve been outside with it on and nobody has been blinded by my face, so you know it looks good in natural light too. I also got their pro longwear concealer and primer, both of which are also fantastic. A lot of concealers I’ve looked at tend to be too orange; not in the tone-correcting way, but in a too-heavy way that doesn’t match my colouring even though I buy the palest colour possible to match my paler-than-a-snowman-who-only-drinks-milk skintone. The MAC one on the other hand has been literal perfection, and blends brilliantly with the foundation. The primer is soft instead of too liquidy, and makes a visible difference to how the makeup looks. I also got a couple of samples; not too sure what they are but I was in a haze of sparkly makeup and too far gone to say no; hopefully I’ll figure them out at some point…

I’m not sure if it’s just the makeup or what, but I do just feel really, really good in it!

…Can you tell I’m a tad obsessed? Even the packaging, just look how sparkly:






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