via Daily Prompt: Tree

Ever since I was little I’ve loved trees. I was incredibly shy when I was younger, and just being around nature, trees in particular, was hugely reassuring. My school had grounds that looked like something out of Lord of the Rings/an Enid Blyton book, and since trees make one of the best reading spots, whenever I couldn’t be found at school I was probably reading under a tree and very happy to be squidged up amongst gnarly roots and flowers. Seriously, can’t sympathise with Martin enough.


Oak trees are probably my favourite, and growing up in the New Forest gave me unlimited access to any number of gorgeous walks- no matter how big your problems are or what they may be, you always feel better after a walk. Despite living in the New Forest for years I still never get used to how beautiful it is:


and no matter how I’m feeling, whenever I’m out walking and see trees I get an indescribable sense of calm and contentment. Trees are a big mix of relaxing, reassuring, a feeling of safety, and just magic- little me was profoundly convinced that fairies, unicorns and dragons were just around the corner. I’m still 99% sure I’ll stumble across Winnie the Pooh someday, especially in places like this:


One of my favourite colours is green- not just any green but the green of oak-tree leaves, and the green of the very first leaves at the beginning of spring, when they’re so bright they’re almost fluorescent. One present I got for my birthday this year was a Pandora bracelet, and the first charm I chose was from their birthstone range:


which has a green crystal to match May’s emerald birthstone. It wasn’t til I went I went for a walk in the forest recently that I noticed how perfectly it matched:


There are so many beautiful places in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall, but if I’m ever in the middle of the city, thinking about the forest and its beautiful trees:


It’s nice to feel as though I’m carrying a bit of greenery with me


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