Sorry in advance for the long post, but now that it’s *officially* cold enough to be winter I can wear the other 98% of my clothes


which is great because winter clothes are just so. much. BETTER than other clothes- just layers, and cosy jumpers, and my favourite things of all, BOOTS. So without further ado, behold my haul of new winter clothes:

Starting with my new favourite jeans:

Which I also got in black:


And which I’m also glad to get out of the way because I HATE jeans shopping; don’t know what it is but something about jeans fabric makes my fingers all irritated, which makes me irritated, which leads to me having a mini breakdown in the changing room because I can’t hook the jeans off my ankles. I was really happy to get something other than regular blue denim, plus I love the detailing on these; they have a cool ribbed/layered effect:


Which I would never normally be brave enough to wear. However, these are now my new favourites, and the black jeans in particular because they help make up my new favourite outfit, comprised of this print t-shirt:


(Which I love despite the fact that the sequins are a death-trap for any possible snaggable material) and this new jacket, which may be my favourite piece of clothing ever:


(The white things in the pic are just packaging for the zips). Seriously though, look how shiny:


Again, I would never normally be brave enough to wear something as loud as this jacket, especially because I have a curse with clothes shopping where it’s a 50/50 chance whether I’ll pick up something gorgeous or something that is completely hideous, and have to rely on one brutally honest friend to kinda “just…no“. However, I loved this jacket so much that I was determined to wear it, opinions be damned, even before it gained her seal of approval- I loved how it looked, how it made me feel, and it also weirdly makes me feel a bit like a dragon. Probably ’cause of the sparkle. I dunno. Anyway, together it makes one of my favourite outfits:


(^^ ‘scuse the facial expression- Kieran had promised he was done taking pictures)

which leads to one of my other favourite pieces:


I love this skirt. Something about it feels elegant, although it does have a weird habit of rucking up when you sit down that is definitely not elegant, and neither is the little dance I have to do when I stand up again to correct the issue. However, it goes really nicely with this top I also got:


Which, I don’t know if you can tell from the picture, is kind of cropped and so fits nicely with how high the skirt comes up, as you might be able to tell from this picture of me determinadly facing away from the bombsite that is the mess I made at mine & Kieran’s place:


I do not take photograph well. Hence this next pic: I tried for ages to take a picture because this outfit actually looked really nice (if I do say so myself) but for some reason, in reality I looked nice, in photos I looked like a potato. Hence, me giving up a little and just standing head on, before giving up entirely and cropping my face out.


Anyways, it does lead on to my other favourite; my new coat. I’ve wanted one of those trench-style-coats for ages; everything about them just seems to be completely timeless and classy. However by the time I was able to shop for one, they all seemed to be more detective-style than anything else, so I searched around and picked out the least Inspector-Gadget one I could find:


Which I love to death. However, because real life isn’t like movies, and unlike women in those movies who can stand around in the rain in Beautiful New Coat looking elegant and mysterious, after 2 minutes in the rain both me and Beautiful New Coat would be transformed into Drowned Rat, I was also practical and bought a properly thick coat which can handle British weather. I love it almost as much as the other one though,


and the picture doesn’t do it justice for how cosy it is. It also has the fantastic and completely essential furry hood:


which I love despite the fact that when I put it up the world is abruptly cut off to an area 2 inches around my feet. I also have the lovely jumper:

Which is so sparkly:


And which is solely responsible for the cascade of glitter which has showered over everything in the flat (including Kieran) and which is responsible for his outbursts every few hours (“more! why! how is there more!”) As it’s cropped, it too goes well with a higher-waisted skirt:


Meaning I also have an outfit for my other new skirt ^^^ which, like the other one, is also cursed with the urge to go exploring and refuses to stay still, instead twizzling around my waist and giving it an interesting spinny effect. I have another new jumper:


Which goes nicely with Practical New Coat:


And which, in keeping with the jumper theme, is also sparkly:


And then, I have the World’s Comfiest Jumper. For some reason its real colour doesn’t come across in the picture:


It’s more of a lovely soft brown colour. I don’t know if you can tell from this picture:


But its fibers just seem to be made of comfiness themselves; it’s the softest thing ever. Kieran wouldn’t listen to how comfy it was, so I made him wear it. He agrees. Anyways, since I. love. BOOTS I also have a new pair:


My normal favourites are longer boots, more knee length, but I am sort of in love with these ankle boots, also because they have these little gold tips which set them off:


I’ve been wearing all this (as I wear everything) with one of my favourite necklaces:

Along with two of my favourite rings:


And despite the fact that sometimes I just love being inside and not outside, in reality, with real people, I now have a set of clothes that make me want to actually get up for an early lecture. Either way, I just keep looking at them kinda like:





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