I did a post a while ago about some “artwork” I found in my old school things that baffled me completely. To recap, it begins with an orange blob labelled “playdoh”; like so:


It then leads to a drawing of me holding the now obliterated “playdoh” as if I were weightlifting it, and a drawing of my own face, looking slightly murderous, with the ominous caption “I squashed it”. Behold:


I also seem to have given myself lopsided bunches parted by a bald spot. The trio is rounded up with a depiction of a sad little orange lump, imprinted with the shape of my fist, with the statement “it looked like this”.


I am glad that little me apparently treasured this so much, because I can’t help but laugh every time I see it. But the Adventures of Little Me don’t stop there: the next thing I’ve found is a slightly alarmed note my mum scribbled in my homework diary for the teacher:

“…Also, there seemed to be an incident involving a cake & another girl” (let’s call her Jane) “…which Heidi has been very upset about?”

To be fair, if this “cake incident” ended in any other way than me getting to eat the whole thing, I probably would have been very upset.

I rifled through the rest of my homework diaries and, ominously, Jane’s name is never mentioned again…

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