via Daily Prompt: Copycat

Not copy-cat-ing exactly, more just a throwback to my terrible habit of copying format when I’m replying to emails in a hurry- if it’s a formal email I just erase their message since the formal layout is already there, so I can steal their “best regards” etc and put my message in the middle. This reply-in-a-hurry can backfire. I had to reply to a tutor I’d never met before, and I wanted to apologise for the late reply. Since I was doing it quickly I did my usual trick of putting my message in between the formalities he’d already written. However, I forgot to take off his name, and I hit “send” before I’d finished the message, so all he got in reply to his long message was:

Dear Thomas,                                    


Best Regards,


To top it off;

“Sent from my iPhone”


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