I have just finished handing in the three most stressful essays I think I’ve ever done at uni. Because it’s third year, the questions are meant to be more vague and you get less help with them, which is meant to be an intense learning experience for everybody.

What I have learnt from all this is that if I get up for a 9am meeting I am so traumatised that I have to nap for the rest of the day.

I, a mature 21 year old, dealt with this stress by rewarding myself on hand-in-day with new colouring pens. And look how pretty:


The thing is, they’ve got these interesting connector-things which means you can slot the pens together, which in theory is quite a good idea, but which in practice means I, a mature 21 year person, then have a small tantrum because I can’t figure out how to fit them all back in the pot again. I eventually managed it except for that stupid son-of-a-bitch-yellow that wouldn’t fit in with the rest:


Nice to know that I, in my third year of uni, can say with confidence that I have the skill to fit 50 connector felt tips back in their pot. With only one meltdown.


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