The lovely Kieran got me this Moomin colouring book for Christmas:


Filled with all the Moomin wisdom:


10 points if you can spot the obsession:


It all started when I got given this chunky individual:


As a leaving present from my work before I headed off to uni. They knew of my slight obsession with these Moomin cuddly things, probably because of the way I would possessively patrol their shelf, which was situated in the kids section of the bookshop I worked at (still don’t get why they weren’t also in the adults and young adult sections too since they’re clearly essential to EVERYBODY). And as soon as I got this moomin, he came along with me to uni to get a higher education, and whilst some of the other creatures of the stuffed or heatable-in-a-microwave nature didn’t quite make it from first year through to third year with me (so long, Kevin and Leonard Geoffrey), Moomin has always been a solid companion. Maybe because he is so, well, solid. Like seriously solid. Hugging this thing is like hugging a giant pillow that has a cute little hippo face and adorable ears. Just gonna say it, if none of you have one of these you need to go and get one and cuddle it now, they have the best therapeutic effect. The Moomin love spreads to everyone; most people didn’t know what a moomin was at first, or said they weren’t a fan before very quickly realising how wrong they were (looking at you, Kieran). Anyway, fast forward two years and Moomin is now joined by the coolest T-shirt ever, also a present from Kieran, the most adorable postcard from the Moomin shop in Covent Garden, and now the colouring book.


Moomin love to all!

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