Moomin things

I am LOVING this Moomin colouring book:


One of the most relaxing things ever. Especially given just how adorable these moomins are:



kids vs. granny

via Daily Prompt: Baby

I have two little twin cousins, and they’re the kind of kids where you can see their personalities as soon as they’re born. They’re always exploring and one of the best pictures from a family holiday is of the pair of them clutching spades, with crazy Einstein-ish hair, looking like mad little professors off on an experiment. I pulled up to my grandma’s house for a surprise visit a while back to see those two pottering about in Grandma’s back garden. Because they’re so adorably diddly, they were practically lost in the undergrowth, and when I went round there to ask them what they were so seriously considering in the back garden jungle, they answered that “they had been making a hotel for bugs, when they’d got distracted”.

What distracted them?

They’d found a few ferns in the back garden and informed me that they were indisputable proof that dinosaurs had once lived here.

Did dinosaurs really live here?

“Yes, right before Granny moved in”.

Luckily Granny wasn’t round to hear that.

Just a couple questions about Tangled…

I love this movie, I really do, but I just have a couple questions…so apart from the obvious thing that you can kinda see that she wished Eugene had left her with a bit more hair:


Short hair is just as awesome, but for someone with floor-length hair who maybe at most would have “just wanted a trim” this was probably a bit of a shock.

Secondly, how on earth if she spent the first however many years of her life making and consuming this:

in this teeny-tiny living space:


and still have the world’s teeniest-tiniest waist?!

Thirdly, as much as I love her parents’ characters, which I do, they’re great, but it couldn’t escape my notice, just a teeny tiny little problem, that before his badass dream pals busted him out of prison, Eugene was going to be hangedNot only was he going to die, but he was going to die just because he was a thief. And who was it who probably created and enforced this death penalty?


Might make future family dinners a bit more awkward.


The Adventures of Panda

So if any of you have ever read any part of my blog before, you’ve probably picked up on the fact that I own a little dollop called Panda, who looks like this:


And who I obsess over all some of the time.

I’ve been wanting to do some doodles of him for a while now, partly because no one’s particularly sure of how old he is and he’s kinda been around since the beginning of time, and has therefore done quite a lot. But drawing him is kinda hard, and not just because he’s so damn handsome, but also because I. FIND IT HARD. TO DRAW. which is why there aren’t as many doodles in this particular cartoon of him as I thought there would be; I got so frustrated I had to go sit down for a little bit. But anyways, I’ve been wanting to do a doodle of him for ages, and I’m gonna be doing a couple more, so here’s the first one; for that specific terrifying moment when your pet is crunching away on something and you don’t know what they’re eating

so without further ado, I present to you:







As much of a fan as I am of the idea of Disney princess mashups, I’d still love to see a meeting between these two:


Maximus from Tangled and Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron.

Spirit was probably one of my all time favourites as a kid, and as a slightly older but still kidlike adult I just love the idea of those random slightly obscure movies with randomly big names in the cast. Spirit wasn’t exactly as popular as Tangled or Frozen, but it had Matt Damon’s badass Bourne voice as Spirit and Bryan Adams doing the singing to Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack. And, well, Maximus is one of the sassiest horse that Disney ever produced, but Spirit is my favourite