So if any of you have ever read any part of my blog before, you’ve probably picked up on the fact that I own a little dollop called Panda, who looks like this:


And who I obsess over all some of the time.

I’ve been wanting to do some doodles of him for a while now, partly because no one’s particularly sure of how old he is and he’s kinda been around since the beginning of time, and has therefore done quite a lot. But drawing him is kinda hard, and not just because he’s so damn handsome, but also because I. FIND IT HARD. TO DRAW. which is why there aren’t as many doodles in this particular cartoon of him as I thought there would be; I got so frustrated I had to go sit down for a little bit. But anyways, I’ve been wanting to do a doodle of him for ages, and I’m gonna be doing a couple more, so here’s the first one; for that specific terrifying moment when your pet is crunching away on something and you don’t know what they’re eating

so without further ado, I present to you:







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