I love this movie, I really do, but I just have a couple questions…so apart from the obvious thing that you can kinda see that she wished Eugene had left her with a bit more hair:


Short hair is just as awesome, but for someone with floor-length hair who maybe at most would have “just wanted a trim” this was probably a bit of a shock.

Secondly, how on earth if she spent the first however many years of her life making and consuming this:

in this teeny-tiny living space:


and still have the world’s teeniest-tiniest waist?!

Thirdly, as much as I love her parents’ characters, which I do, they’re great, but it couldn’t escape my notice, just a teeny tiny little problem, that before his badass dream pals busted him out of prison, Eugene was going to be hangedNot only was he going to die, but he was going to die just because he was a thief. And who was it who probably created and enforced this death penalty?


Might make future family dinners a bit more awkward.



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