via Daily Prompt: Baby

I have two little twin cousins, and they’re the kind of kids where you can see their personalities as soon as they’re born. They’re always exploring and one of the best pictures from a family holiday is of the pair of them clutching spades, with crazy Einstein-ish hair, looking like mad little professors off on an experiment. I pulled up to my grandma’s house for a surprise visit a while back to see those two pottering about in Grandma’s back garden. Because they’re so adorably diddly, they were practically lost in the undergrowth, and when I went round there to ask them what they were so seriously considering in the back garden jungle, they answered that “they had been making a hotel for bugs, when they’d got distracted”.

What distracted them?

They’d found a few ferns in the back garden and informed me that they were indisputable proof that dinosaurs had once lived here.

Did dinosaurs really live here?

“Yes, right before Granny moved in”.

Luckily Granny wasn’t round to hear that.


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