Running on with the Jane Austen theme (if you couldn’t already tell, I’m a bit obsessed at the moment) and I just have to share this quote:


Which I love; not because of the circumstances around it, of her father deciding to allow Lydia to go to Brighton where she winds up causing a *shock horror* scandal by running off with Wickham (sorry if that was a spoiler, but you’ve had about 200 years and almost as many Colin Firth-esque revamps to find that out)- I love this quote because of the wider meaning. It’s one of those books that no matter how long ago it was written, it’s still so relevant to people today- namely, by reminding the world that worrying over things does no good. That’s one of those things that you know in the back of your mind but don’t really realise you know it, til you come something like this and it just reminds you if you’ve got a worry, or something that’s beyond your control, that worrying can help in no way, but can actually make it worse. This message comes across in a lot of books and movies, and in paticular it reminds me of:


Now, not to alarm anybody or awe you with my skills, but I am *ahem* a first-class worrier, and I’m gonna try to remember this quote in the future:


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