Most beautiful birthday present


Been waiting for this one for months. I saw it at Christmas with all the other shiny, glittery, gifty ones in Waterstones, looking all beautiful and mysterious, and was planning to come back and look at it, at which point it immediately vanished, never to be seen in any Waterstones. There was always one copy apparently floating around all the shops but I couldn’t find it until Kieran magically tracked it down and voila, it’s so beautiful

The Amazon blurb:

Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty – stories you love, and that we all think we know . . .
. . . but what about the secrets hidden within them? Why would a prince fall in love with a woman in a coffin? Why would a queen try so hard to poison her step-daughter? And what is a fairy Godmother’s real motivation?
Turn the page, and discover these classic fairy stories, told the way they always should have been . . .


Cannot wait



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