easter weekends

Easter weekend ft. my chickens:



tv denial

I like the Vampire Diaries. There, I said it. If you’re not a fan, you can tut and feel superior, and you have my blessing to do so. I know full well how it can be judged. It has all the tropes belonging to angsty-supernatural fantasy stuff; the teenagers are played by adults, and therefore have perfect skin and hair, and everybody is so thin that they disappear if they turn sideways. Also, it’s pretty easy to keep up with who’s a supernatural character, since everybody who is not human is clearly identifiable as not human by their moody v-necked outfits, all of which stick to a strict black-to-grey colour scheme. Also, everybody seemingly has endless money without actually working, and the schools are these weird places where the bell is always ringing and the classes last about 2 seconds. BUT, it’s also fantastic and magic-y and awesome and I like it.
Anyways, if you are, like me, suffering from a Vampire-Diaries-shaped gap in your life, you might like to fill it with the fact that Kat Graham (Bonnie) is also a singer:

And she has been for a while, but I only just found out because I’m in denial about Vampy D being over and am looking for some more Bonnie since she was such an awesome character. As you can tell, Kat Graham’s a lot different from her character:

And I love how different her music sounds. It’s not the kind of stuff I usually listen to, but as I’ve said, I’m in such denial about the show being over that I’ve been listening to it on repeat and it’s now stuck in my head. I love the kind of old-school thing she’s got going on in the bottom vid, plus, as if she isn’t content with being an actress and singer, she’s also an awesome dancer. Anyways, it’s helping to do the job of a kind of Vampire-Diaries-patch until I find another awesome show!


aaaah so happy this has finally arrived. I’ve heard good things about this adaptation:


It was delayed in arriving & I’ve been reduced to obsessively re-reading the first few pages every time I go by a Waterstones- always stopping at the same point when I realise how much I’m loitering- and they’re good too, so can’t wait to see how this turns out.
You can’t really see in the picture, but this book is gorgeous. I know, don’t judge a book by its cover, but in this case the cover is pretty and smooth, and got loads of pretty little Pride-and-Prejudice-style-twirly-things, so what are you gonna do?
As much as I love my course, I’m kinda ready for a bit more of light reading, so this will be perfect!


Meerkat Post


What a day. This little dude arrived, which I’m kind of surprised actually happened, because these things are like the stuff of legend. Everyone’s either wanting one or waiting for one that they’ve been expecting for ages.
Sure enough, his arrival was foretold in the ancient propehcy:


And he came with his own little certificate scroll:


It’s been so long since it was ordered/dispatched that I can no longer remember why this little meerkat is dressed up like the Frozen snowman, but it does not matter because HERE HE IS.

Austen vs. toothpick-cases

I was reading Jane Austen’s Sense & Sensibility the other day and I just love how this woman can describe stuff. She’s talking about Robert Ferrars, who we don’t know is Robert Ferrars yet, and just have to take her word that he’s a bit of an idiot. Anyway, he’s holding everybody up whist he picks out ‘a toothpick-case for himself’ (let that give you an idea of this guy), taking his sweet time about it, and pissing off everyone in the queue behind him. Anyway, because Austen is awesome, she doesn’t just say that he tells the toothpick-case-seller when he’ll come back to collect it; she says:

‘the gentleman…named the last day on which his existence could be continued without the possession of the toothpick-case”



Next time I have to buy or order something really menial, I’m gonna use that, I’m gonna tell them: this is the last day on which my existence can continue without these socks. I love that.

Seriously, if you haven’t yet, get you some Austen.