I am loving my Jane Austen module at the moment, and am now re-obsessed with her books, so here in lieu of the essay I actually should be doing is my Pride&Prejudice collage-y-thing:




6 thoughts on “Pride & Prejudice

      1. I’m reading Northanger Abbey right now, but I’m excited about reading other books by Jane Austen, as well – especially Pride & Prejudice! 🙂 Have you ever read Northanger Abbey?

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      2. I loved northanger abbey! I wasn’t expecting it to be one of my favourites but it definitely is. I liked lady Susan as well & the one we’re doing at the moment is Mansfield park, have you read that? 🙂

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      3. Ooh persuasions number 4 on my favourite Austen list I think! Haha I know how you feel, they’re quite a lot to get through, but they do make lovely summer reading! Hope you enjoy pride and prejudice 🙂


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